School has started!

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I'm baaaack! Well, school's is back in session (179 contact days to go - but who is counting?) and I am totally ready to rock and roll. The reason for the delay between posts was the flurry of preparation... or something like that. The beginning of the year enthusiasm is awesome; so many new things to try, so many ideas to roll with, and things to look forward to, and....

And I have a student teacher! That's not even the kicker:

He's here all year!

I am excited about this for two reasons. One -  I will get one thing most teachers need more of: time. Well, not yet, but I will (or so I'm told). And two - he comes from a journalism background geared more in Public Relations and Advertising; not my strong suit.

It will be an exciting year: lots of new ideas, lots of teaching moments, and even better, lots of good kids!



I do a lot of things. The best thing I do is fathering (I think). I'm the ol' "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I teach aspiring journalists. I run. I play guitar(s). I also host a running podcast. Oh, and I dabble in drawing. And I dabble in authoring... children's books no less. I just dabble. Sometimes I ramble.


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