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I'm not complaining - but I have a lot going on right now. So much so, that I don't usually do any of it until I have to at the last minute. Thus, blog posts one month apart.

My district has undergone a lot of changes recently in the technology field, as well as in the perception field. This is a good thing. #cbcsd

Online journal logo for grad class: "ConnectED" I came up with it in about 10 minutes, sketched, then digitized. I own it.

As an Easter Egg in the yearbook (my 4th as adviser) I Rick-Roll the entire readership using an augmented reality app called Aurasma.

My seniors are awesome this year - it's going to be a big change for the underclassmen next year when they get to fill in and truly see how much the seniors are doing.

I really enjoy teaching freshmen in Beginning Journalism - I just let them think otherwise. My 9th grade English teacher/ Drama coach was the same way. He announced that this year is going to be his last, on Facebook, last week. The way he built relationships with kids is what made me even consider teaching. Cheers, Mr. Faris. 

List of things to do if you're a teacher this week:
- Grade papers
- Prepare for Iowa Assessments (or celebrate they're over)
- Plan
- Organize priorities
- Plan
- Do grad work/Continuing Ed
- Plan a blog post


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I do a lot of things. The best thing I do is fathering (I think). I'm the ol' "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I teach aspiring journalists. I run. I play guitar(s). I also host a running podcast. Oh, and I dabble in drawing. And I dabble in authoring... children's books no less. I just dabble. Sometimes I ramble.


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