My first podcast: RunIowa

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So the description of this blog includes everything revolving around technology and education. And my life and times as a teacher, student, and everything else (just read the subheader).

Well, I'm proud to announce my foray into podcasting. It's something I've thought about for a while, but now I have the means. I have dedicated students that wanted to start a radio show, so I purchased gear. And after school hours, when all of my other work is done, I get to fulfill my podcasting .... wait wait wait. I've done radio before. I've done TV before. This was a dream at one point (to be in news media) but my goals have changed. Or, have they?

With today's technology available to everybody (you just need a little money), a person can do about anything:

Write, produce, film a movie. On an iPhone.
Release a rap CD. All without the physical disc.
Make a radio show. Without the radio.

Internet radio and podcasting is not new. And breaking into that niche market will be difficult. But I'm not doing this to make money (yet). I'm doing it because I have a passion for broadcasting, and I think that I'm not that great of a teacher if I can't do it (see my post about writing for here, that led to this).

So with that horrifically long introduction, my RunIowa podcast was officially released today with Ep. 1. You can find it (and subscribe to it) on the iTunes Store and at Feel free to leave feedback here, or there, or anywhere.



I do a lot of things. The best thing I do is fathering (I think). I'm the ol' "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I teach aspiring journalists. I run. I play guitar(s). I also host a running podcast. Oh, and I dabble in drawing. And I dabble in authoring... children's books no less. I just dabble. Sometimes I ramble.


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