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So here it is. I've wondered (pun intended) into the world of EdTech. Actually, I think I've been here a while; as far back as my high school days. But, now I know what I'm doing for the most part.

As I eagerly await the response to my Graduate application letter to UN-Omaha, I feel I want to get a head start... again. The proposed MS in Secondary Ed, with concentration on EdTech, is the fuel I plan to run on for the next two years or so. And what better way to document my journey, than with an edublog.

Now, to the meat of my first post:
I recently tweeted about the Tupac "hologram" (as it's not really a hologram because it wasn't 3D, but cool):

NSFW: Video Language - Education's future too? Tupac Hologram: Late Rapper Comes To Life  via 

In the short time I have known about Tupac's "resurrection" I have seen celebs and scholars the like wonder where this could lead. Could the Beatles go on tour again (touring is scheduled for Tupac)? With the technology we have today, why not? Voices can be mimicked with some work, old tape (yes, tapes) could be used as references for the holograms, and performances can be repeated, and/or made completely unique, depending the audiences.

So the next question: what about teaching? How mind-blowing would it be to have Einstein teach a high school Science class, or a young Hemingway discuss "theme" to a freshmen group of students? My job security is feeling a little less secure.

For some reason, my mind wondered (again, pun intended), this time to the TV show Futurama. They keep the heads of the "famous" in jars. Is this the same thing?

Knowing full well this is my first post, I'd be honored to have thoughts or feedback.




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