Grad School... The Wait

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Oh, I haven't been nervous in a while. Like really nervous. As in, my future depends on it.

My wedding day (nervous to see my bride)
The birth of my child (nervous to meet her)

And now: waiting for my response to Grad school. And, because you're so smart, you've probably already questioned, "why are you nervous now?" It is all because of freshman year at Iowa State University.

I was sucked in to the staying-up-late and going-to-class-whenever-I-felt-like-it situations that many freshmen incur. But I was smart enough to make a change, and I wholeheartedly dove into my studies. And when I completed my BA, I was able to go back to school to earn Dean's List for my Post-Baccalaureate certification.

I'm not going on an ego-trip, or even bragging, but I feel as though that all of my more recent accomplishments outweigh one semester that might hurt my chances at lifelong learning.  But that doesn't mean I'm not nervous.

Here's to hoping!




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  1. And I just found out today that I was accepted! YEssss