The Flipped Faculty Meeting

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I read the article above as a part of my grad class (Internet use in the Classroom) just as an aside.  At first I thought it was going to be a general "Flipped-Classroom is awesome" post. As I continued (and as the title of this post suggests) it starts with the flipped faculty meeting.

What an idea - teachers getting the information they need before the mandatory meeting, then being able to communicate/deliberate with other teachers in order better their own practice. I love this idea in general - but - I may have formed my idea too quickly.

As I thought about it a little more, I was concerned with when teachers would be able to get the outside, needed information (whether podcast, video, email, etc.) when there is planning, grading, and extra-curricular activities already embedded into a teacher's day. With PD's allotted time needed for development, how can we ask teachers to take away from either groups of time?

But I guess this is the problem for the flipped classroom as well. I know I'm a novice in this area, as I have only been just introduced to the topic recently, but taking the "good" student's time away outside of the classroom could be a detriment, right?

In my school, homework is an option. It doesn't necessarily have to be done (although, in theory, in order to complete tasks that are weighted more, you would need to complete the homework in a satisfactory way). I have a feeling that some of my students won't do the outside work, because of time of course, and thus the period would be used to get that needed information.

But teachers have all of the time in the world, so that wouldn't be a problem right?

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