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The final project for my second grad class at UNOmaha this term was a website. The design was supposed to be something along the lines of "if you had to teach teachers about technology, what would you put?" and "you need these required internet-infused items" mash. The final project is as stands, but I think I will be tweaking bits and pieces to use at my district as well (if not move parts of this to another site). If the latter is the case, then this is still free for the using.

Comment with tips within the site (or here) if you'd like. Let me know what works, what doesn't, and what you'd like to see a little bit more of.

CB Technology Resources

There are journal reviews, links to sites for teachers, students, Web 2.0, and compilation sites. Really, there is great EdTech stuff all brought together from my classmates (and refined by me).

Speaking of - I had the opportunity to edit information on Flipped Classrooms that my class compiled, and Dr. Topp (of my grad class fame) has created an iBook (for iPads) that should be published within the month. Once that is done, I will make sure to post it here!

Finally: I want to leave you with a post on Twitter I made today (sorry for the narcissism) from Dr. Topp:

@swift360: Education is one field where we don't always follow and abide by new research. Some like things the way they were; & that needs to change.

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