WTFT week 1: The plan (and iBooks Author)

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So we finally start school tomorrow (late for us in the five years I've been teaching) and it's time I lay out the plan of events for the next few weeks. So I wanted to show you (my seven readers) the list of the sites I want to introduce and use.

But first a quick change from the original idea. I decided about a week ago that I want to incorporate all of the work/projects/learning videos and tools the students do in my Introduction to Journalism class into an end-of-term iBook. When asked what exactly am I putting in there, I only know a few certain things:
     1) Use student work for examples
     2) Use instructional tools I may already use (videos and lessons)
     3) Let the students create the content with guidance

Other than that, it's pretty much fair game. So here are the sites I currently plan on introducing and using along w/ the class each week (we are in trimesters, so a 12 week course)

1) iBooks Author
2) YouTube
3) Padlet
6) Twitter Chats (hashtags)
8) - 12) are still TBD * if you have thoughts or ideas for things to try, I'm all ears! Just leave a comment below!

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