WTFT: Aftermath (iBook Author)

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So, week one is over. While we did do a little work with iBook Author in my Introduction to Journalism course, I was trying to get the kids to think about what they were doing more-so than what tools they were using. We will integrate iBooks Author more as we build our units into Chapters for the ebook. Watch for that in the future!

But really, I wanted to mention how proud I am of my kids today... all of them. My broadcasting kids are currently broadcasting our first Varsity football game live (check out sometime). One of them said, "this is our first game broadcasting, and I already love it." As an educator, I'm ecstatic.

My newspaper students are rocking our first issue. They have a lot to learn, but they are doing so gracefully.

The yearbook staff is already thinking of ways to improve on a great book from last year - and most of them are juniors! I'm looking forward to what they come up with!

And finally - my intro kids. We've started the work for the book (as noted), and today I felt like leaving them a note.

When the kids noticed it, they smiled.

I had a good first week.




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