Breaking down mortar walls... Doyel hangs out with my class

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This (in reference to the title) is not anything new, but today I think it really made a difference in the lives of a few of my students. And that means something to me. 

Gregg Doyel from did a Google Hangout with my journalism class and some cross-town journalism students in our district thanks to Devin Schoening setting it up (through Twitter none-the-less). It was an hour conversation, and within the next hour, our school newspaper's Editor-in-Chief had a story ready to publish. 

If you get a chance, watch the whole video. Gregg has a lot of really good things to say to students in general, and what it takes to succeed (the first 10 minutes especially, but it's all good). 

I'm going to link to the (newly redesigned) Signal website for Kelsi's story, because she really got the essence of it I think.

The Signal (the Lead): Doyel Hangs out with TJ (note: that link location changes. I will post when it does.)

The full Google Hangout is featured there as well. Sorry for making you jump sites, but I am proud of what this created. 

I had kids, that I knew were interested in journalism, ask me what their next steps might be. I had students (that I honestly didn't know read our school publication) ask me about how they could get involved. 

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. 

Kids were talking about the conversations my journalism students just had. 

With somebody in Ohio. 

That only knew that Iowa was a wrestling state, and couldn't remember Iowa State men's basketball's head coaches name - only that he liked "The Mayor." (I had to bring it up.) 

*He did help get a previous coach fired, and I was on the Iowa State journalism crew at the same time. We were probably in the same room. 

That's fine to me. 

This was probably the most prominent journalist my students have ever met (and some of them will ever meet). But it's an experience I hope to let them have again. 



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