Sorry, not sorry: A list.

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I'm sorry for the lack of posts, yet again. But we did just have winter break. A few new things happening (because I like lists):

- A New Year's Resolution to run 1000 miles incorporating at least one one-mile run per day.
     I've also created a Facebook page to help motivate runners that want to compete in a challenge like this.

- The start of a weekly Twitter chat (#IARunChat)  (#RunIowa) on Monday's at 8pm CST. (I know, right)

- Next week I'll start another grad class: Informational Design. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities for this class (and yes, I'll do my best to update here). I do a lot of design for my journalism classes as a teacher, but I've never been formally taught anything.

- The second half of our school year already has 1 snow day...  excited now, I won't be on March 5.

- A redesign of my class website (before I took the Info Design class, it was a risk, but it was needed).

And right now, I feel my wife may be right - I could be thinning myself out a bit much with different things, but I feel good about it.

Anyway - until next time... have a good run (very prophetic).



I do a lot of things. The best thing I do is fathering (I think). I'm the ol' "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I teach aspiring journalists. I run. I play guitar(s). I also host a running podcast. Oh, and I dabble in drawing. And I dabble in authoring... children's books no less. I just dabble. Sometimes I ramble.


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