Why sharing is important: obviously everybody knows this

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In the last two hours I have seen some things online that I said, "Crap, why didn't I think of posting that?"

Exhibit A: A screenshot that sold for $90k
Exhibit B: A baby being soothed by Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"

Both of those things happen in my house... actually a lot. And there are a million (probably exaggerating a bit) other things that happen and I don't post or share online (you're welcome).

But, this experience of the last two hours reminded me: sometimes what you think is "normal" or "obvious" isn't to everyone.

Specifically, in the world of education and EdTech, I know some teachers personally that have a lot of knowledge, but are timid about putting it out there because "everybody knows that."

So, I've come up with two short lists. The first is where or how you can share your ideas (hint: you're reading one). The second list is why you should share.

Where and How to Share your ideas:
1) Blogging: Free form flow of ideas. Can also lead into links that share others' ideas. Traditional methods suggest Blogger or Wordpress. There are a lot of new and different ways to blog now too, like photoblogs through places like Tumblr and Instagram. You can even create your own website and just start sharing your ideas there.

2) Twitter: specifically #hashchats (is that a term? If not, I'm claiming it now. Editor's note: it's already out there. Darn). Your PLN is probably already doing a #hashchat on Twitter right now. They usually have specific times where users interact through questions and prompts. Try your state's abbreviation with ...edchat to see when your next meeting is (e.g. #iaedchat)

3) Other social media. I won't go into all of the details, but Google Plus and Facebook are obvious places to share. Just remember your intended audience with your pages. You might create specific pages to share info for your PLN and personal posts.

Why you should share:
1) Because it's important! And super easy. Obviously, you know a lot. You're educated. And not everybody knows what you know. So share things.

2) Perspective. You're reading this as a learner. I'm typing it as an educator (not just a classroom teacher, but someone sharing their knowledge in the hopes of you retaining some of it). But you're also an expert in whatever field you're specifically in; elementary ed in a low income, large school district, a district tech coordinator for a tiny rural school of 120 kids, or "your average teacher in the middle of Nowhere, USA."

You might be thinking, "What should I share?"

You're the only one that's had the experiences, both good and bad, that can help others (both the new and experienced) along the way. Whatever you decide to share will probably impact somebody in a big way.

Oh, and this screenshot is for sale. Make me an offer!

Do you have something to add? Or did I just simply miss something so obvious you need to vilify me? Share with me in the comments!



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