My favorite EdTech tool is ____________, and this is how I use it.

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This is my second post in a series of posts for the "#CBCSD Blogging Challenge" in our district. 

The Challenge: During the month of November, teachers, administrators, counselors, superintendents, curriculum directors, janitors, activities directors, coaches... everyone, is invited to participate in a blogging challenge. We want to create a culture in Council Bluffs that emphasizes and honors being reflective and sharing. And, we want to use the tools at our disposal to model for our students and our community what a modern reflective professional, thinker, and life-long learner looks like.

My favorite EdTech tool is video, and this is how I use it:
- Writing prompts
- Informational
- Professional Development
- Introduction to a topic
- Animation
 - Presentations (think PowerPoint, but with video)

In the day of technology that we're in, especially in education, some tend to forget that a moving picture can capture the interest of a student in the way other media can't.

One of my favorite writing prompt starters when we work on Opinion Articles in Intro to Journalism.

And if you use video correctly, students tend to have a greater understanding of your content.

One of the points I make in my presentation "Effective Use of Video in the Classroom" at area conferences, is that planning is important. (Hey, that sounds familiar.) Here are some ideas when planning to use a video in your classroom:

  • Preview the video
    • Just a few seconds can spark your whole discussion
  • Start a KWL before video
  • Have students fill out a Google Form while watching

You can even do work during the video depending on the students you have, and the intended purpose of the video.

If you want more information, tips, or tricks from my presentation - of course, it's not everything because you should never read directly from a presentation ;) - I have linked to it here:

Effective Use of Video in the Classroom

Let me know in the comments if you have video ideas you've used that work and you'd like to share!



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