Party like a Journalist ... or Journalism teacher

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This is my third post in a series of posts for the "#CBCSD Blogging Challenge" in our district. 

The Challenge: During the month of November, teachers, administrators, counselors, superintendents, curriculum directors, janitors, activities directors, coaches... everyone, is invited to participate in a blogging challenge. We want to create a culture in Council Bluffs that emphasizes and honors being reflective and sharing. And, we want to use the tools at our disposal to model for our students and our community what a modern reflective professional, thinker, and life-long learner looks like.

There is a hashtag on Twitter called #PartyLikeAJournalist and, while I'm no longer a paid journalist but a journalism teacher, I still relate. Take five minutes, it's worth it (if you're into self-deprecating humor, and the sad reality of the harsh work conditions of an average reporter). 

The prompt for this post of the CBCSD Blogging Challenge was "My Desk Drawer," which is pretty self-explanatory. So, for all of it's glory on this date of November 6, 2014, my desk and drawers:

This is my desk, and I would consider this a clean-ish day. 
A couple of things you may have noticed:

  • My trinkets/toys/bobbles. I need a shelf.
  • The newspaper. Always there.
  • The cameras in my lockable drawer.
  • The food. Hidden throughout. It's like finding a little surprise.
  • A Safety shirt. It's Safety Day tomorrow.

A couple of things you may not have noticed:

  • A living cactus.
  • Waldo.
  • An iMac.

Each thing on my desk has a purpose. And, for the most part, I know where everything is. If I know I'm going to be gone, I will straighten things up for the sub. That just means I pile everything a little neater.

So I end this post with a question: what is a good rate to pay a personal assistant to clean this up?

Share your desk photos in the Comments below, or share what the weirdest thing is on your desk.



I do a lot of things. The best thing I do is fathering (I think). I'm the ol' "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I teach aspiring journalists. I run. I play guitar(s). I also host a running podcast. Oh, and I dabble in drawing. And I dabble in authoring... children's books no less. I just dabble. Sometimes I ramble.

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  1. I clean up for a sub too... I don't want them to be overwhelmed by the chaos that I am accustomed to.