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And so it's happened. I set a plan in motion, and within a week or two, things have changed. Instead of YouTube, I decided I wanted the students to try out Edcanvas, a site I learned about last school year. I thought I had it planned out. And then I went to (link still active, but it redirects you).

The redirect to a new site name: It's still basically the same thing, but of course it's different.

I introduced the site as a way for kids to create a portfolio, then share that portfolio with me. I had each student create some tiles where blog posts will be, and other than that we're in a holding pattern until we get some writing examples done. We will be writing in Google Docs, but students will "publish" them to this wall.

This site has other potential as well: I have a class landing site *they can all see what I put on my board.  I am having one issue in that I feel I'm just duplicating what is already being put into my class site. Something I will have to work out before we get in more depth on this.

During this week of school, I will be introducing as we talk about the relationship of Supreme Court cases in high school journalism. Watch for that post in the next week.

Do you have any comments or questions (that couldn't be answered in the 20 minute lunch I had while writing)? Feel free to ask below! I look forward to getting more in depth with this throughout our Trimester.



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